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January 30, 2018
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St. Helena Shops and Stops

Wydown Hotel

I walk up and down Main Street in St. Helena somewhat regularly, and I have a pretty standard line-up of shops and places I like to visit when I’m out and about.

I recently decided to switch up my routine and check out a few new (to me) places in town, and I learned that I’ve been missing out on some great spots.

So, now I want to share with you some of the fun and interesting finds that, after almost 4 years, may just become part of a new and improved game plan for my St. Helena strolls.

Wydown Hotel 

I popped my head in at the Wydown Hotel, a boutique hotel right there on Main Street.

They’ve got a large, modern and artistic lobby as well as a coffee bar, and while I haven’t been beyond these points, a major perk of this hotel is that it’s within short walking distance to the many shops and restaurants in downtown St. Helena.

Wydown Hotel St. Helena Lobby

The Saint Wine Lounge

My second stop was The Saint Wine Lounge, also on Main Street in St. Helena.

Get it? The SAINT in SAINT Helena? Ok, you probably did get it already, but I had to call it out — mostly because I just figured it out myself. 😳

Anyway, this rather new (-ish) wine bar is housed within the old Bank of St. Helena, and it still has that old bank-feel about it.

They’ve got the stone walls, the high, ornate ceiling, and the original bank vault that they’ve kitted out as a dark and cozy tasting room where you can experience the Night Wines line-up.

Olivier Napa Valley

My third stop was Olivier Napa Valley. Ok, now I know where to shop for Napa Valley gifts.

I’m not really sure why I’ve not visited this store before. It’s a beautifully curated olive oil, food and gift shop, with rows of perfectly aligned product, gift baskets, sauces and snacks, samples, and even olive oil tasting.

Not only delicious, but pretty. These products would be perfect as treats for those friends and family who didn’t get to come to Napa with you.

Woodhouse Chocolate

Like Olivier Napa Valley above, Woodhouse Chocolate will now be on my list for future gift buying.

Woodhouse Chocolate is a family run business, and that family is creating incredibly beautiful, handmade, Belgian-style chocolates in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavors.

That alone is enough, but then they wrap it all up in really attractive, high quality boxes. It’s handmade chocolate from Napa, and anyone you give it to will be quite happy with the gift. Even if the gift is from you, to you. (Ahem)

Woodhouse also crafts seasonal and holiday-inspired chocolates, as well as year-round gift boxes and party favors.

It’s actually dangerous that I now know how easy it is to access this much deliciousness.

Watch out, Easter Bunny.

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