Napa Valley Itineraries

Living in Napa, we get a lot of visitors. A LOT. And with so many options to choose from, they often don't know how or where to begin. Over time I've put together a few tried-and-trusted itineraries to help them plan their days in wine country.

Heading to Napa yourself? Don't reinvent the wheel. From "Napa on a budget" to "kid friendly wineries", these pre-planned itineraries will give you stress-free, step-by-step guidance throughout your day.

January 30, 2018
Starmont Tasting Room

Itinerary: A Day Trip to Napa Valley

Only have time for a day trip to Napa Valley? No problem. Here’s an itinerary that will get you up here and enjoying yourself quick-smart. Let’s make […]
August 31, 2017
Napa Valley with kids

Itinerary: Napa Valley with Kids

Let’s call a spade a spade. This itinerary is Napa Valley WITH kids, not Napa Valley FOR Kids, because the focus here is on wine tasting — just […]
July 31, 2017
Napa on a budget

Itinerary: Napa Valley on a Budget

Napa Valley is not cheap. On the contrary, it’s become quite an expensive destination. So what do you do when you don’t want to throw down […]
July 28, 2017

Itinerary: Napa Valley with Kids II

You’re in Napa Valley with your kids. Wait, what?? Napa’s not for kids. It’s an adult playground. Isn’t it? Well, it seems that *sometimes* families want […]