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November 7, 2017
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December 15, 2017

9 Clever Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! Get ahead of the game with these 9 gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.

The December holidays will be here in the blink of an eye.  What are you going to get the wino — er, I mean wine lover — in your life? Here are some ideas to get you started.

9 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

1. Dishwasher Safe GoVinos

Image from Amazon

First things first. My favorite wine related products by far are the new Dishwasher Safe GoVinos.

GoVinos are lightweight, plastic, stemless wine glasses that are standard fare in wine country. These are special because, unlike the standard GoVinos, they don’t melt in the dishwasher. Not only are GoVinos fantastic for picnics, etc., but also for us clumsy people who smash glassware on the regular. I have the Champagne Flutes for just that reason.

2. Wine Infused Coffee from Molinari

Image from Molinari

Coffee. Wine.

Why drink them one at a time when you could have both at once? Give them Wine Infused Coffee from Molinari, the Napa Valley coffee house that clearly knows its demographic.

Synergy at it’s finest.

3.  Sugarfina Rosé Candy Cubes

Image from Nordstrom

Do your besties love Rosé as much as you do? You won’t go wrong with this set of 6 Sugarfina Rosé Candy Cubes, the “grownup gummies infused with the flavors of Whispering Angel rosé wine”. Very feminine, very tasty, very Rosé. Enough said.

Single Candy Cubes are also available if your whole squad isn’t on board the Rosé train, and a Cheers Champagne 3-piece Candy Bento Box is another option for you bubbles fans.

4.  Rosé All Day Pale Pink Chocolate Bar

Image from Nordstrom

Speaking of Rosé, here’s another clever product mash-up that I wish I’d thought of first: the Rosé All Day Pale Pink Chocolate Bar.

I think I’ve gone to heaven.

5.  Olive and Poppy Accessories 

Image from Olive and Poppy

Does your wine lover love accessories? Check out the entire Olive and Poppy collection, an elegant and tasteful wine country product line.

I wear their Cheers Necklace almost daily, and each time I wear their Signature Cuff Bracelet I get compliments and enquiries. The smartly dressed man will appreciate the cufflinks and tie clip, both made from Napa wine barrels.

6.  Metal Wine Chillers

Image from Amazon

Here’s another idea from my personal play-book:  SPARQ Wine Pearls, the metal orbs you keep in the freezer and break out when you don’t have time to chill your wine. Pretty and effective, they’ll cool down your drink without watering it down.

7.  Moleskin Wine Notebook

Image from Amazon

If they love wine but can’t remember which ones or why, they may find this Moleskin Wine Notebook useful.

This high-quality journal is their “wine cellar on paper” (and perhaps their memory on paper too).

8.  Napa’s Little Book of Big Experiences

Image from

A fantastic gift for that special someone planning a trip to Napa is the Little Book of Big Experiences.

It’s not really a book book, but rather a high-end coupon book for wineries, restaurants and hotels in Napa Valley. It costs $100, but gives you access to $1000 worth of wine country experiences, including tastings, pairings, and discounted spa treatments.

9.  100 Things to Do in Napa Valley Before You Die

Image from Amazon

For your friends and family members that love getting off the beaten path, have a look at the book 100 Things to Do in Napa Valley Before You Die. Wineries, shopping, music and the outdoors are all covered in this thorough list of experiences.

More like my bucket list, this may be a “to me, from me” gift because I can’t wait to see what else there is to experience in Napa.

Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!

There are some affiliate links above and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post.


  1. Nicole says:

    I love these reco’s! Dishwasher-safe GoVinos…um, YES!

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